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The Wheel Weaves Podcast: A Wheel of Time Podcast

Oct 8, 2020

Brett and Dani are joined by executive producers of TWW, Brandy and Aaron Kirkwood for this exciting Fun Fact Trivia Game Show Showdown! Brett thinks Dani doesn't listen to his fun facts at the beginning of every episode so he puts her and their guests to the test! They had such a good time that this exclusive bonus episode is being released publicly! Enjoy, play along and have fun!
*Spoiler Warning* - This episode could potentially contain spoilers up to Ch. 34 of The Dragon Reborn. Be Warned! 

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The Wheel Weaves is hosted by Dani and Brett, edited by Dani, produced by Dani and Brett with Michelle O'Brien, Vince Lueck, Derek Benton, Benjamin, Scott Williams, Passionsocks, Moltude, Dustin Schluter and Mozyme with music by Audionautix.  

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