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The Wheel Weaves Podcast: A Wheel of Time Podcast

Jan 14, 2020

*Spoiler Note* Even though this episode is discussing a prologue of the first book, it is being discussed after reading the entirety of The Eye of the World and this episode contains spoilers for the first book of The Wheel of Time. 

In this episode, Dani and Brett break down "Ravens" the prologue added into the book "From the Two Rivers" which is the first half of "The Eye of the World". The book was split in half in 2002 to appeal to younger and "non-fantasy" readers. This new prologue was added as a way to introduce the series in a new, potentially less complicated or confusing way. Dani and Brett discuss the summary of this chapter, why it was added in and their thoughts and feelings as they read through. And as always, Dani has come up with some new predictions! 

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